Revised By-Laws


Voting on the Revised By-Laws is now closed.

Board of Directors

  • The Board should consist of five Chapter officers and as many Directors at Large as the Board deems necessary.
  • Officers and non-officer directors are elected to annual terms of office.
  • Board members may not serve more than four consecutive terms.
  • Officer may serve more than two consecutive years in the same Board position.
  • The Board should make a good faith effort to recruit new people onto the Board each year, with the objective of having three positions held by people new to the Board.
  • Chapter Officers

    The President must have served as a Board member for at least one year before being eligible for the President position.

    Election of Officers

    The Chapter Secretary conducts a call-for-nominations electronically among the membership for two weeks beginning on the date set by the nominating committee; the nominating committee provides the Secretary with the list of nominees following the end of the two weeks; the Secretary distributes the list of nominees for an electronic vote by the membership; candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast are deemed elected.

    Annual Meeting

    In lieu of an annual meeting, the President will issue a report to the membership no later than September 15 each year. The report will address, at minimum, the financial condition of the Chapter and may include other information the President wishes to share, including goals, re-cap of the previous year’s highlights and achievements, etc.

    Membership Dues

    The Board of Directors establishes annual dues for membership and communicates that information to the membership.

    Originally dated April 1984, revised 2004
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    Key Changes
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